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Welcome to the Master Chief’s Sea Stories. Everyone loves a good story…try a thousand! Master Chief Moye masterfully shares his memories of the events that inspired his transition from a timid boy from the hills of southern Indiana into a battle-ready Cold War sailor aboard one of the U.S. Navy’s most battle-efficient ships.

For millennia, sailors have told stories of the sea. Moye’s stories are an autobiographical account based on comprehensive journals he maintained during his 27 years in the United States Navy. This factual account details experiences ranging from tragic to euphoric…sometimes on the same day.

Moye’s sea stories not only tell of the master chief’s life but the lives of his shipmates, capturing an unmatched historical rendering of Navy life in a bygone era. Based on his journals, Moye expands the journal entry with detailed memories of Navy life. Expected to be a five book series, his books are required reading for anyone interested in the Navy, personal growth, happiness, failure, and success. Those stories are all here.