Volume II — Duty Ashore and USS Comte De Grasse

Intense challenges almost beyond belief

Outstanding stories continue as Young Moye expertly communicates his extraordinary journey. Accompany him as he enjoys the freedom of shore duty, finding himself as a person and sailor. Assigned to one of the world’s most powerful warships, the USS Comte De Grasse, he faced the most difficult but amazing period of his life. Initially a meek person, he was forced to lead men and machine through the toughest situations he and his sailors had ever faced.

For millennia, sailors have told stories of the sea. Readers of Volume I (USS Manitowoc) witnessed how four years of arduous naval service transformed a simple boy from the hills into a sailor, communicator and leader.

Built on his journal-based autobiographical account, Moye skillfully articulates his continued transformation — and the transformation of those he led. Stories as only possible from someone who experienced such adventure and challenges.

Moye details significant events that prepared him for future advancement and challenges, both professional and personal. His daily journal entries aboard the Count identify events as they occurred, allowing him to accurately and honestly spin his yarns of adventures and hardships, some too incredible to believe. While experiencing the most amazing time of his life, he also endured days seemingly too difficult for him and his shipmates to bear. But bear they did. Prepare yourself for these amazing sea stories for they are no-shitters.

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A proud daddy and his girls.
HMS Invincible – A great homecoming.

I can make them do something now

but to teach them how to figure out a problem

and fix it themselves will take some time. (Moye)


Most things are not difficult;

they may just take a little time to figure out.


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