Volume IV — Naval Communication Station UK

Climbing back from failure

Everyone changes, it is inevitable. Rarely, however, are points in life captured and told as detailed as the master chief tells them. Stories this time not of the sea, but ashore in an isolated land where he learned of himself, of magnificent Scotland, and of his loving wife. Then, when all was right with the world, experienced failure. Not the daily sort, but of one holding life lessons, preparing young Chief Moye for the immense challenges lying ahead. 

At his first communication station, Moye planned to continue his “stellar” duty to the Navy and country. As providence had it, the Good Lord provided situations requiring introspection, retrospection, and prudence, all good lessons that the young chief learned and applied while regaining his confidence. 

Join the master chief as he continues to capture and detail stories of his life where many can relate. Where he reached a, if not the, lowest point in his life but emerged more prepared to serve than before. Engage yourself as he simultaneously experiences excitement, disappointment, and success such as life delivers — it’s all here for the reading and learning. 

It must be said, as are all previous Master Chief’s Stories, these too are no shitters.

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A beautiful August day at Castle Mey.
Alone in the western wilds.
Ready for the cèilidh

One must carry much as they climb the ladder of success.