Volume III — USS Preserver

Divine intervention and a 180

The master chief’s magnificant story continues! From page one, Moye’s captivating life story moves the reader from calamity to blessing ­orchestrated by none other than the good Lord himself. A tall statement ­indeed, but believe it true — it’s all in the book.

Recovering from a USS Comte De Grasse shipmate’s error, for two months Moye awaited orders at his Madison, Indiana, home in the hills. Remorsefully, he wasn’t there to lead his shipmates through a particularly difficult mission. At home, a civilian Moye, at 26, discovered himself and his family during an uncertain period of life.

Back in the Navy, the first months were filled with work, wine, women, and song. Unfortunately, police officers from three different sections of the United States did the singing before Moye’s Angel descended — ushering in his life’s best years.

Capturing events no longer accepted in today’s Navy, and discerning what they meant and how they formed him, the master chief continues to guide the reader through his life’s great transformations. No longer a timid boy from the hills, this young leader became a chief petty officer excelling in the United States Navy. You gotta read this one because, again, it’s a no-shitter.

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The P-boat’s 41st birthday.
Chief Petty Officer Moye, post initiation,
ready for some well-deserved rest.

If my boss thinks I am doing this good,

my shipmates must be doing very bad.



Liberty is secured until morale improves.

To be early is to be on time — to be on time is to be late.

(Navy quotes)

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